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Empowering Marketing in a Digital World

Learning7 enables you to grasp the boundless opportunities offered by digital to thrive in this fast evolving world.

Our trusted partners
Our trusted partners

Our trusted partners

Learning7 brings digital fluency through a cutting edge eLearning programme and an intensive expert workshop with the most up to date content:

  • Provided by digital industry thought leaders that ensure a balanced perspective to the programme.
  • Shaped by marketing experts in order to enable marketers to deal with consumers evolving in this new digital world.
Unique interactive experience
Unique interactive experience

Unique interactive experience

Learning7 offers an engaging and stimulating learning experience, through a unique mix of eLearning and face-to-face workshop. The eLearning programme is delivered by marketing professionals through compelling videos, enhanced by motion design and interspersed with interactive exercises. The workshop gives the opportunity to have a direct contact to the experts and to challenge marketing concerns with peers.

E-learning <b>programme</b>

E-learning programme

Designed in a modular way allowing for a flexible learning approach, the programme consists of 7 modules totalling 30 hours.

  • Module 1 | State of the Digital World
  • Module 2 | Marketing Fundamentals
  • Module 3 | Strategic Planning
  • Module 4 | Targeting & Data
  • Module 5 | Formats
  • Module 6 | Platforms
  • Module 7 | Measurement

For the purpose of this «marketing in a digital world» programme, a quiz has been specifically selected for the assessment. A quiz is a useful way to gain insight into whether key learnings have been assimilated, whilst staying engaged, motivated, and evaluating personal achievements. This quiz consists of 120 questions, split across each module to ensure ongoing assessment.

The Learning7 certification is delivered once the global quiz is successfully completed with a minimum passing rate of 80%.

Content is updated twice a year, to make sure it remains current and relevant.

The digital world offers boundless amounts of information. It wouldn’t be close to imaginable to integrate it all in the form of short videos, therefore Learning7 proposes two complementary sections:

Course Materials

Dedicated to case studies, surveys and tools
that will deepen and activate learning.


An indispensable resource with key words and concepts related to marketing in a digital world.

E-learning programme
Digital Strategy
two complementary sections


The Learning7 Professional Certification, validated by our Syllabus Advisory Council and accredited by the IAA, is awarded on completion of the online programme, provided an 80% pass rate is achieved.


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